2016-17 Tryout Results

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 players!  Please make sure you accept your position by following the instructions listed on the links below.

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3V3 World Futbol Tour comes to Lexington

3V3 World Futbol Tour comes to Lexington on Saturday, July 2nd.  The event will be a twilight event hosted at the Lexington Soccer Complex.  Please visit their website for more information and to register for the event.


2016-2017 Liverpool FCA Coaching Staff
2009 Phil Smith   2009 Greg Meetze
2008 Jeff Freeman   2009 Dean Daniels
2007 John Reed   2008 Alex Rivera
2007 Jeff Freeman   2008 Brandon Nichols
2006 Eric Sapp   2007 Greg Meetze
2005 Abby Chisholm   2007 Matt Oseman
2005 Eric Sapp   2007 TBA
2004 Robert Hunter   2006 Rich Dunning
2003 Ralph Garofano   2006 Phil Rooney
2002 George Pontoon   2006 James Neary
1998 Steve Ostrovsky   2006 Joel Chandler
1998 Robert Hunter   2005 Ralph Garofano
      2005 David A Enzastiga
      2005 Chris Newcomb
      2005 Jason Yaman
      2004 Josh Kiper
      2004 Keith McCawley
      2003/04 Keith McCawley
  2003 Josh Kiper
  2003 Brian Paulen
  2002 Steve Ostrovsky
  2002 John Reed
  2001/02 John Rosier
  2001 David M Enzastiga
  2001 Chris Newcomb
  2000 Chad Domis
  2000 Emmanuel Abosi
  1999 John Rosier
  1998 Chad Domis
  1998 Brandon Nichols


Recent Tournament Success
Liverpool FCA-SC wants to recognize the success of our players and coaches View all photos
Liverpool FCA Additional Training ( INCLUDED )

Take advantage of all that we offer through our Reds Academy School of Excellance (RASE) to make your child a better Liverpool FC South Carolina player that we are all proud of.  Below is a list of the additional programs that we offer to our players:  View all photos

Refer to the General Calendar or the Upcoming Events for schedule.

Liverpool FCA-SC utilizes Elite Touch training to elevate its players to a ball mastery level.

All Fields are Open
As of Wed Jul 20
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